As with anything that becomes trendy, the phrase “mindset work” has become a rather meaningless and hollow shell of something that started out as impactful.

I can’t tell you how often I hear people list off mindset work with the rest of their to-dos: “I just don’t get it. I post on Facebook, I network with people, I do mindset work, I blog, I tweet, I listen to 4 bajillion podcasts about how to make this work……. And it’s NOT WORKING!”

Even people who are relatively successful can fall into this trap because they treat mindset work like a sacrifice of their time that they’re willing to indulge because they hear others talk about how essential it can be to upleveling, so, “fine, I’ll not do income-producing activities for these 20 minutes because maybe this ‘mindset work’ stuff will actually help me get to 7 figures.”

So wtf, right? Why do it? What’s the point?

If you think about the phrase itself – mindset WORK – my achiever people have taken this as another thing that needs to get done. Another item on the check list. Another task that, while seemingly nebulous, is supposed to lead to a result (and for some people, another thing to beat yourself up for if you’re not doing it “enough” or the “right” way).

But what if you flipped the words and viewed it as “working on my mindset” or “choosing my mindset” or “making my head work by default in a way that helps me get what I want (money or otherwise).” Those things are clearly not TASKS.

It’s a bit like saying “cleaning the house” or “staying healthy” or “building a relationship.” You’re never DONE with those things. Sure, sometimes you get to coast for a bit. Sometimes it’s easier than others. Sometimes you have to haul ass and dedicate a lot of time and energy to it. But it’s a PROCESS. It ebbs and flows.

You can’t sit down for 10 minutes, journal, meditate, and then be done for the day everyday. You can’t hire a coach, read a book, or take a course and then you’ll be good (for the year… or life).

Mindset work isn’t really WORK.

It’s a choice.

It’s a gift you give yourself because you recognize your untapped potential.

Mindset work is something you do because it helps you BECOME the kind of person who can make a crap ton of money.

It helps you ACT like the kind of person who is confident, focused, and resilient (even if you don’t usually feel that way now). It helps you RECOMMIT (over and over and over and over and over) to being your best, knowing what you want, believing you can get it, and then allowing yourself to take action from that place.

Mindset work isn’t a STRATEGY.

It’s the acknowledgment that your business’s greatest asset (and, therefore, greatest chance of raking in the dough) is YOUR HEAD, and so you take care of it.

You exercise its strength (i.e. do things outside your comfort zone).

You feed it (i.e. affirm your strength and own your desires).

You heal it (i.e. forgive yourself and others for the crap that’s weighing you down).

When you shift your mindset about your mindset work, THEN the mindset work will become something you can’t imagine not doing (rather than it being something you have to do), and then, yes, it will help you be rich (in every possible way… not just the dollahs).

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