Is there a big gap between
where you are &
where you want to be?

I get it. The frustration and impatience of knowing you're meant to have a bigger or better life, but it just feels SO.FAR.AWAY. And the harder you try, the worse it almost seems to get.

You've probably wanted it for years (the business, the relationship, the freedom, the impact... whatever your "it" is), and you're starting to suspect that YOU are the thing in the way of what you want. Which is simultaneously encouraging and maddening.

There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing you could tell me that would make me think you can't have what you really want.

But I'll tell you this... 
You'll move a lot faster and be a lot happier if you let me help you get out of your own way.

Your head is the biggest asset and the biggest (potential) liability you have. 

Let's make it an asset.

How I can serve you...

One on One Coaching

Get personalized help strengthening your beliefs, defining your goals & achieving everything you want.

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Resources to Get Inspired

Read, listen, journal, and dive deep to increase your income, expand your impact, and build strong relationships.

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Free Community

Join a group of fellow achievers who are building success in all areas of their lives from the inside, out.

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Kind Words...

Hear from others what it's like to be coached by yours truly

"Jessica's amazing! I felt like she really GOT me, and everything she said was spot on. Right away, she helped me pinpoint how all of the different issues that were showing up in both my business and personal life were all connected to one deeper belief. She helped me understand WHY all of it was showing up, AND we talked about specific steps to take to work on rewriting those beliefs and actually changing my behaviors. Jessica is seriously the best mindset coach I've worked with, hands down!" 

-Megan Schopieray, Launch Strategist & Coach 

"I went into my call with Jessica knowing that I was stuck, but feeling like there wasn't anything that I could do about it other than fight through and hope for the best. Jessica was able to hear what I was struggling with even when I couldn't quite describe it. And even better, she was able to break through my own misconceptions and bullshit and help me to understand it all from a different - much more empowering and actionable - viewpoint. After just a one hour call, the resistance I was creating for myself has been pushed aside and ideas are flowing in like crazy as a result. If you're struggling with a self sabotage cycle, she's the one to talk to!"

-Michele Bryant, Scalability Strategist

People, I have just started working with Jessica and I am here to tell you - your YUCKYYUCK is safe in her hands. She is already helping me find clarity in the yucky places, and understand so much better where I am and all of the unexamined beliefs and patterns and thought habits I bring to my current situations. I thought of myself as highly- self-aware and well supported, but in talking to Jessica I am starting to understand with WAY more clarity how my mind actually works in both good and unhelpful ways, and chart real paths forward towards permanent and meaningful growth. It's kind of like TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

-Amy Walsh, Creativity Coach

Ready to sort through the stuff in your head?