Because sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is right for you, here’s a handy list of things that may mean your money mindset needs some tweaking (caveat: for many of these things, it may not mean anything “bad” if they’re true for you, but if you’re going down this list and shaking your head more than not, it’s time to get some help with that… like by signing up for Workshops for Water!).

  1. You hoard tiny shampoo bottles, ketchup packets, and sporks.
  2. You lie about your kids’ age at hotels and restaurants so you get to pay less.
  3. You’ve made the same amount of money for 6 months (or more).
  4. You want to retire your husband because he’s miserable at his job and you’re his only way out.
  5. You don’t open your bills as soon as they come.
  6. You don’t tip waiters, baristas, and Uber drivers as much as you’d like to.
  7. You’re bothered by how easily other people make money.
  8. You resent making more than your partner.
  9. You buy things that make you feel better about yourself because you “deserve them.”
  10. You’re rather proud of how you’re able to juggle balance transfers to cleverly avoid paying interest.
  11. You hand out discounts left and right… and then resent the people who use them.
  12. You have clothes in your closet that still has the tags on it.
  13. You haven’t been on a vacation in years… and whine about it a lot.
  14. You can’t “afford” to hire help, even though you need 28 hours in a day.
  15. You live paycheck to paycheck, even though you make more than enough money not to.
  16. You and buyer’s remorse are pretty well acquainted.
  17. You don’t want to scale your business because then your existing audience won’t be able to afford you anymore.
  18. You hide your debt, bills, credit score, or shopping bags from your partner.
  19. You resent your partner not being as driven and ambitious as you.
  20. You have no idea what your net worth is right now.
  21. Your partner handles all the money for the house.
  22. You dread the end of the month every month.
  23. You feel bad if you tell the Girl Scouts you don’t want any cookies.
  24. You often feel torn between buying what you want and buying what you need.
  25. You’re a “course collector” (and most of them are unfinished).
  26. You’re constantly working… but not making any money.
  27. You feel like throwing up before you get on a sales call.
  28. You assume people can’t afford your product/services.
  29. You’ve bought all the latest and greatest tools, software, and apps so you can be more successful.
  30. You resist donating your old stuff so that you can sell it someday.
  31. You hate going out with friends because of the inevitable banter over who picks up the check.
  32. You have a vision board… that’s looked exactly the same for a few years.
  33. You tell yourself, “I don’t know what else to try,” when it comes to making more money in your business.
  34. You overdeliver to your clients and then resent them for paying you so little.
  35. You overpromise to potential clients so that they’re impressed by what you’ll be able to do and eagerly sign up.
  36. You’re already dreading your parents asking how your business is doing at Thanksgiving.
  37. You update Instagram while watching a movie with your partner because you haven’t engaged enough yet today.
  38. You buy shit you don’t need because it makes you feel “abundant.”
  39. You drive 10 miles out of the way to get gas for $.04 less.
  40. You want nothing more than for your kids to have it better than you did.
  41. You bemoan not having enough money for self-care.
  42. You resist doing the work you know you’re meant to do because the work you’re doing right now is paying so well.
  43. You’re staying at corporate for the “health insurance.”
  44. You make plenty of money… but keep scratching your head saying, “Where did it all go?!”
  45. Every time you get in the car, you hope you’re not in some tragic accident because you know you’re underinsured.
  46. You think, “But where will they go for help if I don’t keep making content for them!” about the audience you know you’ve outgrown.
  47. You use your kids to justify why you don’t have time to make more money in your business.
  48. You’ve tried chanting other people’s mantras… and yet, here we are.
  49. You often regret taking time off of work because you feel so behind when you get back to it.
  50. You refuse to take time off because “what if someone needs me?!”
  51. You’ve tried 423 different budgets (approximately) and have stuck to none of them.
  52. You’re occasionally tempted to just go back to corporate because that would be easier.
  53. You resent not being able to be with your kids when you’re working.
  54. You resent not being able to work when you’re with your kids.
  55. You’re married to your metrics; if they’re not going up, you’re bummin’.
  56. Your partner rolls his eyes because you lay in bed checking email.
  57. You’ve “invested” in yourself regularly, only to be disappointed by the results you achieved.
  58. You check the prices on 42 websites before booking a hotel room.
  59. You’ve thrown all.the.strategy. at growing your business… and there’s been no ROI.
  60. You’re simultaneously proud of what you’ve accomplished and yet really dissatisfied.
  61. Your doctor, lawyer, “professional” friends intimidate the hell out of you.
  62. You know you’d go crazy in a cubicle, but sometimes the structure, consistency, and predictability of it sounds sooo nice.
  63. You’re rather proud of the chess game you play with your money each month to cover the bills.
  64. You’re (not so) secretly terrified of the refrigerator/water heater/washing machine going out.
  65. You’ve tried resting because of the whole self-care thing but just felt lazy and bored and started working again instead.
  66. You’re not sleeping much these days, and your insomnia is filled with ruminations on money.
  67. You’re still relying on your parents to bail you out.
  68. You feel like you’re riding an income roller coaster… and you’re not sure who’s controlling it.
  69. You sometimes wonder if your big, hairy-scary dreams are just a liiiiiiiittle too big.
  70. When you really think about it, you’re not really sure what it is you want, but you’re pretty sure you need more money to get it.
  71. You’ve tried cutting “I can’t afford this” from your vocabulary, but you’re not really sure what to say instead.
  72. You wish you didn’t love Starbucks and their $5 coffees so much.
  73. You and your partner constantly disagree about financial priorities.
  74. You’ve gone through slumps in sales and panic every time it looks like one could happen again.
  75. The extent of your business goal-setting is, “I want to make $X this year.”
  76. You see other people’s success stories and that just seems so not-possible for you.
  77. You earn waaaaay more than your friends, and you hope they never find out, because you’re pretty sure they’d hate you for it.
  78. You came from an industry that’s often paid crap (social work, therapy, education, art, etc.) and are having a hard time feeling ok with making more than “usual.”
  79. Your partner has been mega supportive and understanding… and you feel guilty that things aren’t going as well as they should be.
  80. You run every little business decision past your partner, and usually get talked out of what you originally had planned.
  81. You have all.the.ideas about how you’d like to grow your business, but shiny object syndrome destroys most of them.
  82. You have tried every planner known to man… all in an attempt to get more done.
  83. You’re making predictable income, but it’s also getting boring and unfulfilling.
  84. You’re pretty sure you can figure out how to make more money on your own.
  85. You’re torn about saving for your kids’ education, your retirement, and just paying down debt.
  86. You’re scared to even contact a financial advisor because you don’t want to be read the riot act… “I beat myself up enough, thank you very much.”
  87. You keep buying 1-ply toilet paper but regret that with every trip to the bathroom.
  88. You refuse to hire someone to do the recurring tasks in your business because “no one can do this like me.”
  89. Your parents bought you whatever the heck you wanted as a kid.
  90. You’ve been working since you were 13 and had NOTHING handed to you.
  91. Part of what you love about being so successful is that you’re now nothing like your family.
  92. You pretend that you’re happy with your business but wish you had someone to come clean to about how miserable/anxious/overwhelmed you are.
  93. You tell yourself, “I’ll give back to good causes when I make $X.”
  94. You buy your kids all kinds of stuff so that they don’t grow up with a scarcity mindset.
  95. “I just want to spend $10 without a 15 minute internal debate!”
  96. You grew a little too fast, and now you don’t know how to slow down this runaway train without taking a massive income hit.
  97. You’ve read “You Are a Badass at Making Money” and 10 other books just like it. You get it, you like it, but
  98. It’s physically impossible for you to work enough hours for you to make the money you want to make at the prices you’re charging right now.
  99. You act like you’re financially independent (and try to “keep up” with your friends), but you are so, SO embarrassed by your financial state.
  100. You thought making the kind of money you do now would feel waaaaay better than it does… wtf?
  101. You actually read all of these and nodded your head a lot but still think, “Why can’t I figure this out on my own?! I just need to read a different book or take a different course or stick to a budget for once.” Nooooooooo, my friend, you might be able to do this on your own (I won’t FOMO you into thinking you NEED something – codependency is a bitch), but you’ll move WAY faster if someone is holding up a mirror and pointing out your BS to you as you’re doing it.

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