Workshops for Water LIVE!

Back by popular demand!

Ditch the BS that keeps you from getting what you want
(without being a greedy, selfish meany-head 😉 )

Maybe you can’t ever finish things… bouncing from one project, idea, or tactic to the next. Or maybe you don’t even get started… head swimming with amazing ideas that never get realized. Maybe you feel like you have NO CLUE what YOU really want… and just make decisions based on all the roles in your life and how you expect yourself to show up for them.

Maybe you ALWAYS finish EVERYTHING… not wanting to disappoint anyone. Or maybe you say yes to WAY too much… because you’re the best equipped to do a job and do it well. Maybe you know exactly what you’d like to change, but never do because of how everyone else would be impacted (your kids, your partner, your existing clients that love you, etc).

People-pleasing has stopped my clients from making sales, opening businesses, closing businesses, charging fair rates, marketing and pitching themselves, and a slew of personal-life consequences that would compete with Moby Dick for word count. When you ditch the people-pleasing, you show up as the best version of you (and btw, that version of you, can go make/get/find/be whatever the heck she wants).

Here’s what we’re covering…

The single root of all your people-pleasing problems (yup, it’s the same for all of them) and what’s really going on when it rears its head

How to make progress despite your people-pleasing habits… the hacks to work around pesky mindset BS

What it takes to create lasting change (and how to not beat yourself up as you work on improving yourself)

Acknowledging what it is you really, really want (and getting it in a way that doesn’t make your palms sweat)

This workshop series is an opportunity for you to be coached hotseat-style by yours truly (but if that makes you nervous and you just want to sit and watch, that’s ok too!).

Whether you want to finally hit publish for all the world to see, finally finish something and stop feeling pulled in so many directions, or want to start prioritizing yourself (without pissing off everyone important to you), I.GOT.YOU.

Lasting change requires you taking what you learn and applying into your every day life, so we’ll meet weekly (for a month) to give you ample time to integrate between calls (you’ll also get recordings to listen to forever and ever)!

People Pleasing 101 Workshops will be Thursdays, (October 25th & November 1st, 8th, and 15th) from 4-5:30PM ET.

One day, I counted how many times I used water — flushed a toilet, filled a glass, washed my hands, rinsed some fruit, on and on. FORTY SEVEN. 47 times in the waking hours of one day… I usually don’t even give it a passing thought.

I started this fundraising campaign to help charity: water build wells, distribute biosand filters, and other clever solutions around the world, and I’m asking you to help me give clean water to 100 people.

I LOVE that your and my first interaction with each other is actually in service to people we will likely never meet. 

You get something (mind-bending workshops to help you uplevel your life + biz).

I get something (SO many warm fuzzy feelings AND people who are really committed to participating in these workshops).

And together, we help others get one of the bare essentials for life.

100% of the money will be used to build clean water projects, and when they’re complete, charity: water will send us photos and GPS coordinates so we can see the exact community we helped.

Beware! This could happen to you too!



Donate $97 (or more) through this special charity: water page


After you donate, you’ll receive a tax receipt from charity: water in your inbox. It looks something like this:


Forward that receipt to (and remember that a real person is handling these requests, so give us 24 hours to send your confirmation and further information for the workshops!).



Donate $97 (or more). Give clean water to 3 people. Conquer your mental BS.

What People Are Saying…

The personal insights of things I don’t even know are going on in my head has been crazy transforming. TRANSFORMATIONAL…that’s the word I would use for Workshops for Water. Mind shifts are happening where I didn’t know I needed them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Tonya Dieterlen

I’m already seeing a shift in the way I’m reacting to things around money, work, and my desires, even without having landed on an all-encompassing One Thing I Want yet. Decision-making feels calmer. Goal-setting seems easier. There’s deliberate practice going in, of course. But what’s coming out feels effortless because the work is already done. – Veronica Guzzardi

This has been one of the most transformational and impactful experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m blown away!… I really loved the community aspect of having other women with similarities. It really helped me feel like I’m not alone and their questions brought out things I didn’t even know existed for me too. I also loved how you shared parts of your story and you were really relatable because you’ve been there and can share from a place of experience. – Kristy Runzer