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During this 90 minute session, I’ll help you:

  • uncover your hidden beliefs about money and success
  • show you how they’re holding you back from your dream life
  • make sure you have 2-3 clear next steps to help you reprogram those beliefs

Think of it like a big spot light that will reveal all the dark corners of your money story so that you can clean them out, once and for all!

You’ll also get 2 weeks of email access to me after the call in case you have lingering questions or new ah-has that spring up – no one gets stranded on my watch!

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Do you really understand what’s motivating you as an entrepreneur? Everyone has their own blend of superpowers (and kryptonite) and pursues success and money in different ways.

You’re only 8 questions away from getting big insight into how you’re wired for success!

This quiz will help you understand:

  • your 3 biggest strengths (stuff you should do more of!)
  • the 3 weaknesses you need to be careful of
  • how you’re wired to think about money

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