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My Ugly Path to Entrepreneurship (or Part 1 of how I became an entrepreneur)

Three Things That Kept Me Stuck At My Desk Job (or Part 2 of how I became an entrepreneur)

The First Step To Get Unstuck

What To Do When You Have Too Many Ideas

Why You Feel Overwhelmed All The Time

When You Want It All & You Want It NOW


School of Self-Mastery with Adrienne Dorison – Episode 186: Dealing with Parents, Partners, and Kids as an Entrepreneur

All Up In Your Lady Business with Jaclyn Mellone & Jessica Stansberry – Episode 95: Conscious Choices, Priorities, and Commitments

Boss Mom with Dana Malstaff – Episode 140: How to Shift Our Mindset to Get What We Want

Making the Maven with Michelle McGlade – Episode 73: Your Worst Case Scenario is Not That Bad

The Mom Entrepreneur Success Podcast with Mariana Ruiz – Season 2 Episode 2: Designing Your Life Around Your Priorities

Concept to Cashflow with Amy Cannatta – Episode 78: Discover Your Personal Programming