Join me in Kansas City, March 16-18


Rewrite Your Story.

Create the Life of Your Dreams.



There’s a version of you that you think of during your morning coffee, at red stop lights, and when your alarm clock says 2:48 and you have no clue why you’re awake… a picture of your most ideal you inside your head (she’s kinda a badass, and you know it).

But that version of you has become the ultimate frenemy. A constant reminder that you could be and really, really want SO.MUCH.MORE. (and ideally yesterday please).


And it’s not for a lack of trying that the ideal you is still trapped in your head.

Nope, you’re no stranger to throwing the WHOLE BOX of spaghetti at the wall to see what might stick… stuff like…

Learning. SO.MUCH.LEARNING. Because surely there’s a book, course, video, or podcast out there with a golden nugget that has thus far been hidden.

New strategies from people who seemingly have their shit together…

And a few crazy, last-ditch efforts that you half-hoped your partner wouldn’t walk in on.

And yet, despite all your efforts and all your smarts (of which, I assure you, you have plenty), the question remains…


How do I get my ideal me OUT of my head

I hear ya. Several years ago, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses and coaches, read so many books that my librarians knew my first name, tried meditating and journaling and YouTube videos with funky music… and I was still bawling into my husband’s chest: “Will I always be this fucked up?” (<– true story)

Now, maybe your situation isn’t that desperate (I hope it’s not!), but that end-of-my-rope moment showed me was that I knew I was meant for more… and eventually, I figured out how to let more and more of my ideal me, the happier, more chill, less-control-freak-ish, and yes, more successful me out.

I learned how to rewrite my story… to let go of who I was (without letting go of the stuff that makes me, ME) and how I thought things needed to get done, and start allowing myself to pursue (and achieve) what I really wanted for myself.

I want to help you rewrite your story too.

Who would you be and what would you do if you rewrote your story?


Would you be a more present mom, finally feel strong and healthy in your body, let yourself take a break or explore a hobby? Would you do the thing you’ve always written off as too big or too scary (but can’t stop thinking about)? Would you have an amazing relationship with your partner while still being your own person with goals and dreams of her own?

Here’s the SUPER cool part of learning to rewrite your story


You will become, achieve, and allow yourself to get things you can’t even imagine right now, as soon as you rewrite your story.

Ready to live up to your FULL potential?

Here’s what I’ll help you do in just one weekend…

Get total clarity
on what you want
(and why!)

Let go of constant
(but actually achieve more)

Create new habits
and routines that
support your best self

Strengthen your most
important relationships
and let go of others

perfectionism &

Ditch the anxiety
that makes you try to
control all.the.things.

Learn practical exercises
and methods to
take back home

Pursue your BEST life
without feeling like you have to
stop living right now

The REWRITE YOUR STORY weekend includes:


  • A small group setting (absolutely no more than 15 people!) for lots of individualized attention
  • A welcome evening (dinner and activities), Friday night, so everyone is acquainted and comfortable with each other… we’ll also outline some intentions for the weekend together
  • Hot seat coaching (on Saturday) so that exercises and examples are tailored to YOUR particular circumstances
  • Light breakfast, coffee/tea/snacks, and lunch (tacos!) on Saturday in our comfy venue
  • Workshop-style teaching and time for practical application (so that you’re not just sitting and listening but actually integrating the teaching into your life immediately!)
  • De-briefing Sunday morning over brunch so we can address any realizations that came to light over night and send you home confident with a plan of how to move forward

There are ONLY 15 SEATS available!

“Yeah, but what if…” (here’s my guarantee to you)

I’m convinced this event will change your life. But, if after attending the Rewrite Your Story retreat, you don’t feel that you learned the information and skills you need to take action at home, I will give you 3 months of personal access to me to directly address whatever questions and blocks you face.

Let’s talk BONUSES!

Bonus #1: Bring a friend!

Got a bestie who’s in the same boat as you – smart, talented, ambitious, and yet, something’s missing? Come together!

You’ll BOTH receive $100 off and each get a 1:1 session with yours truly prior to Rewrite Your Story so that you’re prepped and ready to make the most of our weekend together.



Bonus #2: Go home with ongoing support!

I absolutely want you to have ZERO reasons to not implement fully as soon as you get home. And yet, life happens, you get distracted, or are reminded about challenges at home that totally escaped you while we were together. It could happen!

Which is why you get FOUR weeks of ongoing support with me through Voxer! Not sure how to apply a certain exercise we did to something you’re facing in this moment? Send a message! Freaking out because “OMG, I just actually did something I said I was going to do and now I’m terrified that it might work!”? Babble away. Whatever mindset support you need for the month after the retreat, I GOT YOU!



Bonus #3: Post-retreat group call!

You will have different takeaways from the weekend than the lady sitting next to you. You’ll remember what you said and how you were differently than everyone else will. And there’s value to be had in replaying the lessons you learned, the things you committed to, and the insights you had in a circle of people who were there with you.

So we’ll connect 4-6 weeks after the retreat to have a group call. We’ll check in on what you’ve done since we were together, where you’d like to go from here, and any bumps you’ve hit along the way. One part accountability, one part cheerleading, and one part coaching and butt-kicking!




Rewriting my own story and learning to let myself be happy, confident, successful, and FREE was one the very best investments I’ve ever made in myself. I think it will be for you too.

But right now, you can get in on 3 days of paradigm-shifting, excuse-busting, story-rewriting
(and then a full month of support after that!)
for the
special early bird price of only $900!

Regularly priced seats (after February 3) will be $1200.