Uncover the beliefs, values, and stories that have been holding you back. 

Then move on.

Money isn’t everything, but let’s get real, it’s pretty freakin important.

And when things aren’t going the way you want them to financially, the temptation can be to just throw more strategies at it. To learn a new thing or try a new system. To implement a new tactic or invest in a shiny tool.

I’m here to tell you though, understanding your money story is the first step to fixing your finances (because once you really know where you’re starting, you can figure out how to get where you want to go).

This 90 minute Money Story intensive is your opportunity to uncover the beliefs, values, and stories you picked up from others and how they’ve been holding you back from the financial success you know you’re capable of.

Think of it like a big spot light that will reveal all the dark corners of your money story so that you can clean them out, once and for all!

What kinds of results have people gotten from a money intensive?

  • Restructuring their entire business model to line up with what they REALLY want to do
  • Shifting their ideal client from the people who they served at the beginning of business to the ones who were ideal now
  • Letting go of family of origin stories about the ugly side of success and money
  • Paying off FOUR credit cards in the 6 weeks following the call
  • Allowing themselves to start selling workshops and drop the 1:1 that was draining them
  • Healing their marriage by learning how to work and talk with their partner about money
  • Busting through multi-six-figure income plateaus
  • Or read other people’s feedback here

Here’s the logistics:

  • 90 minutes of sleuthing out your truth about money and how it’s affecting your life and business
  • A detailed summary of our call, along with my favorite resources and work-arounds to help you keep moving forward
  • 2 weeks of email access to me following our call to help you sort through any subsequent ahas or questions that come up

The investment: $379

Ready to write a new money story?