Kind Words

When I scheduled a call with Jessica, I had so much more going on in my life than I even knew. During our call, she pushed me – in a good way – to get to the root of the money problems that I was struggling with in my daily life. After my call with Jessica, when I started implementing the techniques she taught me, I began to notice that when my life got complicated, it wasn’t as tragic. When money disappeared, or when I felt like I needed to spend money to control the situation, it was much easier to talk myself down because Jessica equipped me with the tools and techniques I needed to save myself from self-sabotage. From a control freak to whatever or whoever you might be, you need a money story intensive with Jessica because it’s so much more than just about money. She gets to the root of the problem. I was blown away by the things I realized about myself and STILL talk about it – almost a month later – on an almost daily basis with my husband. Thank you, Jessica, for taking some of that weight off my shoulders and helping me to redirect my life and take control of my own happiness and finances.Allie Williams


Over the last six months I can’t claim that I’ve suddenly made six figures, or doubled my income, or any of those other over the top things people say sometimes. But I almost feel like what I’ve done is more substantial: I’ve gotten faith in myself again. I’ve started to see beyond my thoughts and old stories. I’ve embraced new opportunities and stepped into my genius.

It’s uncomfortable, and that’s okay, because I’ve got the best coach on my team.

When we started I felt defeated. It seemed like everyone else online was lapping me, and I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t seem to get off the couch. I’m a trained psychotherapist and had tried mindset work before, and I had no idea why it wasn’t working for me. Jessica understood, and knew how to help.

She is kind, but firm. She’s spontaneous, but structured. She’s thorough, and patient. She helped get to the true root of my issues, and helped me grow in awareness around how I see myself and the world. From that place we’re now able to make lasting, meaningful changes. – Sarah Cohn


Jessica’s amazing! I felt like she really GOT me, and everything she said was spot on. Right away, she helped me pinpoint how all of the different issues that were showing up in both my business and personal life were all connected to one deeper belief. She helped me understand WHY all of it was showing up, AND we talked about specific steps to take to work on rewriting those beliefs and actually changing my behaviors. Jessica is seriously the best mindset coach I’ve worked with, hands down! – Megan Schopieray


Jessica has been coaching me on what’s happening in my brain through [the last 6 months]. Money mindset, health issues (and the way those things are related for me) have been key. She’s helped me get clear on where I impede my own ability to make $$ and how to retrain my mind and expectations – and people, this is no light-and-fluffy approach – she goes DEEP, listens powerfully, and KNOW HER SH**. SERIOUS SUPERPOWERS reside in this badass mama. She leaves no stone – or pebble – un-turned in your psyche. Every session with her has allowed me to truly steer my ship towards a future WAY less anchored in past confusions. – Amy Walsh

I went into my call with Jessica knowing that I was stuck, but feeling like there wasn’t anything that I could do about it other than fight through and hope for the best. Jessica was able to hear what I was struggling with even when I couldn’t quite describe it. And even better, she was able to break through my own misconceptions and bullshit and help me to understand it all from a different – much more empowering and actionable – viewpoint. After just a one hour call, the resistance I was creating for myself has been pushed aside and ideas are flowing in like crazy as a result. If you’re struggling with a self sabotage cycle, she’s the one to talk to! – Michele Bryant