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Is it time for you to start feeling good about making the money you’ve always wanted? Ready to dig deep into your money mindset? Just curious about who the heck I am, and how I can help you change your life (and business)?

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What type of entrepreneur are you?!

Everyone has their own blend of superpowers (and kryptonite) and pursues success and money in different ways. Do you really understand what’s motivating you? Take the quiz to find out!

You’re only 8 questions away from getting big insight into how you’re wired for success!

This quiz will help you understand:

  • your 3 biggest strengths (stuff you should do more of!)
  • the 3 weaknesses you need to be careful of
  • how you’re wired to think about money

Take the quiz to get clear on what works (and what doesn’t) for your unique entrepreneurship type!

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Got shiny object syndrome? Way too many ideas?Ā 

If Magic 8 balls were actually helpful, I’d give you one of those, but instead I can teach you a simple 4-step process to help you make (the right!) decisions quickly and confidently… and then STICK TO THEM!

Confident Conscious Choices will help you:

  • Stop second-guessing yourself (and taking forever to make a decision)
  • Ditch shiny object syndrome
  • Own your decisions (without guilt, overwhelm, or burnout)
  • Focus and build momentum towards your BIG goals

It’s basically a customized-to-you Magic 8 ball in PDF format šŸ˜‰


If you’re ready to completely transform how you feel about money while doing a good deed for others, Workshops for Water is for you!

When you donate to charity: water, you get access to a month of live workshops (read: coaching in a very small group from yours truly) designed to push your thinking about money so that you can finally achieve your BIG goals (without any gross feelings). To date, WFW has brought clean water to 135 people in developing countries!

This is the lowest cost, highest touch way to work with me while hanging out in a community of like-minded, open, and smart entrepreneurs!

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By the way, if you liked this podcast, you’ll LOVE the results you can get from my eyes on YOUR business (and head). Getting clear on the funny stories your brain tells you about money, success, and what that all means frees you up to REALLY go for your big goals (finally). A Money Story Intensive is just what you need… (you can grab one here).

I believeĀ every person can earn the money THEY need to feel good about their life… and that’s a different number and happens in a different way for everyone (which is why 1:1 support is the fastest, most effective way to make that happen).Ā Learn more and book your Money Story IntensiveĀ (or hear Emylee’s thoughts on the experience below).



Here’s what happens in (and after!) a Money Story Intensive…