Let me help you
Bring your BEST self
to your business

High-achievers LOVE strategy. I get it. I do too. But all the strategy, all the smarts, all the tactics in the world won’t make up for the pursuit of success that’s out of whack with who you’re really meant to be. (And if it’s not feeling good right now, something likely IS out of whack!) You can make multi six figures but feel like you’re still trying to prove yourself. You can be really good at what you do but not make a dime. You can look like you have it all but feel dead inside. You can build an amazing business and lose all sense of a personal life… but none of these things is necessary (in fact, it’s what I don’t want for you!). The people I work with care a LOT about doing something big with their lives, so I’m sure you do too. You’ve likely known for years that there’s something big you’re meant to do (even if you’re not 100% sure what that is). Success is about more than making tons of money or having everyone know your name (though that can be fun too!). Success is about knowing that you’re playing full out. You’re being your best self and helping a lot of people in the process. You’re using all your gifts and talents in a way that empowers you AND the people you work for and with. I’m here to help you get out of your own way. I’m here to help you find, own, and move towards the best version of you.


Money isn’t everything, but let’s get real, it’s pretty freakin’ important. And when things aren’t going the way you want them to financially, the temptation can be to just throw more strategies at it. To learn a new thing or try a new system. To implement a new tactic or invest in a shiny tool. I’m here to tell you though, understanding your money story is the first step to fixing your finances (because once you really know where you’re starting, you can figure out how to get where you want to go). This 90 minute intensive is your opportunity to uncover the beliefs, values, and stories you picked up from others and how they’ve been holding you back from the financial success you know you’re capable of. Think of it like a big spot light that will reveal all the dark corners of your money story so that you can clean them out, once and for all! What kinds of results have people gotten from a money intensive?

  • Restructuring their entire business model to line up with what they REALLY want to do
  • Shifting their ideal client from the people who they served at the beginning of business to the ones who were ideal now
  • Letting go of family of origin stories about the ugly side of success and money
  • Paying off FOUR credit cards in the 6 weeks following the call
  • Allowing themselves to start selling workshops and drop the 1:1 that was draining them
  • Healing their marriage by learning how to work and talk with their partner about money
  • Busting through multi-six-figure income plateaus
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Here’s the logistics:

  • 90 minutes of sleuthing out your truth about money and how it’s affecting your life and business
  • A detailed summary of our call, along with my favorite resources and work-arounds to help you keep moving forward
  • 2 weeks of email access to me following our call to help you sort through any subsequent ahas or questions that come up

The investment: $379 Ready to write a new money story? Let’s get started

Taking your business to the next level requires taking your thinking to the next level. I’m here to help you with that. First, I’ll make sure your values, goals, and priorities are clearly defined based on what YOU really want (no people-pleasing, mom-guilt, playing small, or “what will everyone else think?” nonsense). Then, I’ll help you bolster your belief in yourself and your ability to have whatever you decided you want. Not just a conceptual, “yes, I believe this is possible,” but a deep conviction that “yup, the success I want is inevitable.” And finally, we’ll ensure you’re free to receive what you really want – taking action, leaning into opportunities, and yes, knowing when to back off if something seems “off.” What kinds of results have my clients gotten during our time together?

  • Creating their first 5-figure months (and continuing to do so)
  • Improving their relationships with their partners, so they feel confident pursuing their own goals
  • Ditching the mom guilt, so they become the role models and providers they want to be for their kids
  • Multiplying their revenue by 4-5x
  • Confidently promoting, marketing, and selling products and services that truly line up with their zone of genius
  • Countless “unseen” and non-business results like major shifts in confidence, going back to the gym, healing strained relationships with parents, letting go of abuse, trauma, and negativity, and embracing a whole new way of living
  • Or read other people’s feedback here

So, practically speaking, what’s this look like?

  • A 90 minute jump start intensive to get us on the same page about your business and life goals and what you’d like to accomplish during our time together
  • Three 45 minute calls each month where we dive into what worked in the last week, what didn’t (and why), and how you can improve from here
  • One implementation week each month to push your long-term goals forward in a BIG way
  • Actionable strategies to build new habits, strengthen your mindset, and create new beliefs
  • Homework tracking and accountability via Trello
  • Access to any other workshops, trainings, or resources I create that suit your particular needs
  • Unlimited email, Messenger, and Voxer access to me (which I expect you to use) to tackle shit storms, ah-has, and brilliant ideas between our calls

The investment is $1100/month (or $6000 paid in full). Ready to see if we’re a good fit? Click here to apply for a free call with me so we can see if we’re a good fit! Start the process!