Hey There

I’m Jessica (you probably guessed that by my clever website name).

I help go-getters and high-achievers reach their big goals without feeling shitty.

Here’s what I know about you…

You’ve got big dreams. Aspirations. Goals so big you probably haven’t allowed yourself to say them out loud in a long time (or if you do, you throw a nervous laugh behind it so no one thinks you’re actually serious about your crazy ideas).

You don’t settle… ever (even though sometimes, for just a few minutes, you wish you were the settling type because the idea of pushing towards more forever and ever seems so… exhausting).

And I also know that something’s not working. Despite all your pushing, your learning, your doing, your intelligence, efficiency, productivity, despite trying to be “positive” and chanting affirmations and visualizing and every other slightly crazy thing you could throw at it, it’s not working (on a deep, mental and emotional level).

What kinds of shitty-feeling things do I help entrepreneurs deal with?

  • Knowing you’re meant for more but being stuck not performing
  • Crushing it (to the tune of multi-six-figures), but knowing you’re still playing small and not letting yourself really go for it
  • Building a business but your marriage, kids, friends, health, and all the other personal stuff going down the tubes
  • Giving your amazing skills and hard work away for peanuts because you just need to make some money and don’t want everyone to think your rates are outrageous
  • Growing a business that a lot of people would kill for… and feeling like you’ve killed a little piece of yourself in the process
  • Trying to figure out how to juggle all.the.things (and dropping most of the balls in the process)
  • Money. Too little. Too much (yes, that’s a thing). Being scared of it. Being scared to ask for it. Thinking it’s bad. Thinking it’ll save your life. On and on. Money is a big one.

Here’s what you need to know about me…

I care about YOU. Yes, of course I want your business to be successful. I want you to reach the income, impact, and achievement goals that float through your dreams at night. But my priority is making sure you do so in a way that works with who you are as your very highest and best self (and, actually, when YOU prioritize yourself in that way, I promise the business stuff will take off in ways you’ve never imagined AND you’ll feel amazing about it).

I’m a mindset coach. I will help you fundamentally shift how you think about EVERYTHING. I don’t believe in Buzzfeed solutions to New York Times problems. I go deep, I move fast, and I get to the root of what’s been driving your decision-making (people have said some nice things about me here).

Want to know some personal dirt on me?

  • It took me 5 years to leave a corporate job that made me miserable (you can read about that here)
  • There’s nothing you can tell me that would make me think you can’t have what you want in your life
  • I have 3 kids 5 and under… learning how to birth them naturally was actually what got me started into investigating the power of using our minds to get the results we want
  • My gateway drug to personal development was The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
  • I’ve dealt with my share of shitty feelings (addiction, depression, abuse, being broke as a joke, blah blah blah) and at the time, I was convinced it was all SO significant (and if you’re there right now, I get you, and it’s ok that it feels big), but so many mindset shifts later, I wallow in gratitude over all the lessons those experiences taught me and how much it helps me relate to others now
  • I can be easily bribed with good food and plane tickets

Ready to start making some shifts? Step 1 is always figuring out where you’re starting because you can’t change anything you’re not aware of.


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